Wednesday, 5 September 2012

69 - out now!

This is the delicious cover of brand new anthology 69, edited by Alison Tyler, out now from Harlequin Spice and available on Amazon kindle too. It has taken forever to get to publication, but the finished book is crammed to the brim with SHORT short stories - 69 of them, I believe! - each a concentrated burst of the hottest, most frantic, straight-in-there raunch. I've got three stories included.

Attic Moment is about a furtive, desperate affair:
“Marty,” I gasp as I come up for air, groping for his cock, finding it straining at his chinos already. He puts his hand to my white tee-shirt and captures my nipple with a pinch that nearly makes me collapse at the knees. He knows my nipples are exquisitely sensitive. He knows I like it a bit rough.
“Christ I need to fuck you,” he mumbles. “I’m so fucking horny for you right now.”
“She won’t hear: we’re over the spare bedroom. Suck my cock ... I’ve been needing this all week.”

Love, Honor and Obey is about a wildly filthy BDSM wedding ceremony:
They reached the top of the aisle. ‘Kneel,’ said Georgia, who had spent the last week training Flis, and the bride obeyed, facing the groom. She heard the priest begin his address, welcoming the congregation, but all her attention was on Nathan. She’d missed him so much in the week they’d been parted, and her heart was racing now. He was wearing heavy black boots with steel buckles and in his hand was a riding crop. She watched him tap the whip against his open palm.
“Who gives this woman to be wedded to this man?” asked the priest.
“I do,” said Georgia, stroking Flis’ hair. “She’s ready now.” Gravely, she passed the chain into Nathan’s free hand

And Hare Coursing is about a threesome seduction:
“Um,” she gasped, pulling back after a long moment. “We shouldn’t.”

“You’re right. You might drop your glass. Here – let me take that.” Erik slipped it from her unresisting fingers and planted it in the earth behind her. His body leaned in against hers as he moved, and she felt the hard jut of his erection. She knew she should be protesting. But Brandon still had her right nipple, flicking it, and she couldn’t think past that thrill of sensation.

“Please,” she said incoherently, turning to that man – and then it was his turn to kiss her.

The full lineup of authors is right here.Iit includes delectable double and triple helpings of some of my favourite writers - Charlotte Stein, Kristina Lloyd, Jeremy Edwards, Shanna Germain and Nikki Magennis among others - all in bite-sized packages. It's the meze of masturbation!

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Jo said...

Oh, the meze of masturbation is excellent!

Janine Ashbless said...

"Smorgasboard of smut"? "Buffet-bar of bonking"? "Hors-d'ourvres of onanism"?

Janine Ashbless said...

Sorry - I'm tired!