Thursday, 28 February 2008

Smutwriters in their Natural Habitat

This pub, the Via Fossa in Manchester, is fast becoming my regular watering-hole. It's several hundred miles from where I live, mind, but when we Writers of Improving Literature for the Delectation of Gentlewomen get together, it's here.
And the sign on the wall says it all!
In shot: fellow writers Portia Da Costa and Madelynne Ellis (and some bags of goodies from Hotel Chocolat).

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Doctors Who?

It's a cliche that all women have the hots for doctors. I don't, generally. But two of my favourite TV characters just happen to be doctors. Dr Cox, above, from Scrubs and Dr Gates from ER. Gates is better-looking. Cox is hotter. What have they got in common? Brains, a serious problem knuckling under to authority, and a good heart. I love Good Guys.

What gives Cox the edge? More brains, withering sarcasm (he is the epitome of Tough Love. In fact it's so tough it looks a lot like Hate at times.), and an all-consuming rage at the injustices and stupidities of this world. He is my hero.