Friday, 22 June 2007

Brendan Fraser

Saving my lovely Brendan Fraser sidebar picture for future generations....

I got it from by the way. One of my favourite sites on the Web. Visit it today!

How long do you think he can hold his breath for?

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Grrrrl Power

Blogger was playing me about when we did a GirlCrush Wednesday over at Lust Bites, so I couldn't post any pictures. So very belatedly, here's a selection of the women I fancy. You may just spot a theme.

Claudia Black in Pitch Black - but I loved her best as Aeryn Sun in Farscape.

Michelle Rodriguez in Resident Evil.

Milla Jovovich, also in Resident Evil. What a hardchick-fest that film is!

And Angelina Jolie, of course. If there is a God, that's what She looks like.