Monday, 24 February 2020

Woman in Horror

Art from Libidinous Zombie
I suppose I ought to address the change in my social media presence recently.

A couple of weeks ago I changed my Facebook handle to my other (real life) name, Keris McDonald. This is because this year I'm stepping back from erotica. My Facebook Author Page remains active and unchanged under the Janine Ashbless handle but things are a bit quieter here on my blog, as you may have noticed.

I have been given a WONDERFUL opportunity to write for my favourite tabletop games company, Chaosium Inc., as I have been drafted in to write part of the games manual for the upcoming Rivers of London roleplaying game. I can't tell you how lucky, proud and honoured I feel!

The Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch is contemporary dark fantasy, not explicit horror, but it seemed slightly simpler not to be waffling on about it under my erotica name online. Of course, the changeover was a bit of a shock to all those who have only ever known me as Janine! Oddly, that includes plenty of  horror LARPers ... But honestly, I answer to both and don't care what folks call me.

To celebrate my Coming Out I've got a post on the similarities between the horror and erotica genres over at Simon Bestwick's blog.  Simon has been a longtime enthusiast of my stories and a great convention friend. He is nagging me into getting a collection of my horror stuff in print ... more news on that later this year, hopefully!

I'll be continuing to post my erotica news here - I do have the odd smutty story coming out this year - never fear 😉

Monday, 3 February 2020

Blue Monday: Zak Jane Keir guests

Mondays are the days I post a sexy excerpt for your entertainment!

Head of the pack for 2020 comes Zak Jane Keir and her new collection Eroticise This!

When the storm clouds are gathering…
When nothing is quite what it seems…
When you don’t know who to trust…

Will love or hope or kinky sex save the day? Can we find that spark of erotic joy, no matter how frightening the circumstances? Do we dare to hope for something better?
Six sexy short stories about the mess we’re all in, and what might happen in the very near future.

Eroticise This - sexy stories for troubled times began as a manifestation of Rule 35 in action. (Rule 35 is the corollary to Rule 34, which states that, if something exists, there’s porn about it. Rule 35 insists that, if you can think of it and there is no porn about it, it becomes your job to produce some.)
It’s a collection of six short stories, the first three of which are directly inspired by some of the political events in the second half of 2019. The second part of the book contains speculative sex stories which are set in potential near futures.

Zak Jane Keir would like to reassure readers that the closing story offers a note of optimism.

BEFORE RISING - an excerpt

‘How do we… Where do we go?’ she asked, and then gave herself a mental shake. She was still Sammy, still Mistress, she was in charge here, and Scrap was facilitating her pleasure. ‘I’d like some dungeon time; arrange it,’ she said, and Scrap bowed his head for a moment. He was wearing black rubber shorts, the pair she liked to see him in. And now they were in a hallway that looked very much like the one which ran between the dancefloor and the playspace at Club Mischief. She was carrying a whip; Nicola’s rose-gold whip. She didn’t want to be carrying it; she flexed her hand and found the whip she now held was made of black and violet leather, smooth and supple to the touch. It was very like the one she had seen and coveted at the last Kinkmarket, but had been unable to afford.

The playspace wasn’t particularly crowded, though Sammy was aware of the usual background sounds of conversation and faint music from the main room. The big A-frame was free, and she led Scrap over to it and cuffed him into place. His skin was warm to the touch and she rested her cheek against his shoulder blade for a moment. Every sensory stimulus was real: Scrap’s body; her feet in heeled boots, even the familiar scent of Club Mischief, with its mixture of incense, beer, bodies and leather. Her sub gave a little anticipatory purr.

She had a flogger, the red suede one with the thick, soft tails. She started to wield it lightly against his shoulders, setting up a steady rhythm. He writhed in his restraints, and she hit a little harder. She saw his back reddening; she switched to the heavier black flogger and turned her attention to his arse, which was now bared for her. She beat him for quite some time, moving on from floggers to paddles and finally to a cane. The thought of the black and violet whip seemed to cross her mind occasionally, but she didn’t use it at any point.

He was on his back now, spread out in front of her, his cock fully erect and the tip of it glistening with moisture. She licked and bit at his nipples, tasting salt, feeling the flesh yield to her teeth. She mounted him and he was hard and hot and ready. Her pussy muscles clenched on his erect shaft and they ground against one another. It was good, so intense, so perfect; the best fuck they had ever had.

‘Please remove the headset when you are ready. Please remove the headset when you are ready. You may experience temporary disorientation on removing the headset. Please do not exit the pod until disorientation has passed.’

Sammy heard herself whimper in protest at the nagging, mechanical voice. Her mouth felt horribly dry and there was a slippery dampness between her legs. Her hands shook slightly as she pushed the headset up and away and sat up, blinking in the warm, yellowish light. It was over.

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Zak Jane Keir is a veteran writer, with over 30 years of telling stories about sex and kink and ‘a little bit of politics’ behind her. She has worked on various adult magazines as well as publishing several novels and quantities of short fiction. She has recently embarked on compiling a history of the UK fetish scene, work on which was interrupted by a compelling need to write something sexy about the current political climate…