Wednesday, 15 March 2017

"Sub, Exhibitionist, Shamefaced Sadist": Blog-tour roundup #5

James Tissot: Angels Holding a Dial Indicating the Different Hours (1886-1894)
First I just want to share author Ian Smith's fantastic 5-star review of In Bonds of the Earth over on Amazon:

"Well, I found the first book in this series, Cover Him With Darkness, utterly entrancing, and this second one is every bit as good. The overall story arc is like a really dark fairy tale, but revolving around ancient legends rather than recent ones. Azazel remains the same character, in human terms a child in a man’s body, but he’s anything but human. An irresistably attractive, powerful and totally unpredictable fallen angel is the ultimate dom, and a fantastic character.
But come on, Janine. I know the standard advice is to drop your characters outside their comfort zone, but I don’t think you’ve ever let Milja even have a sniff at one of those! She’s endearingly human - a mix of wants, guilt, insecurity, confidence, intelligence and instinct.
This second book was well-worth the wait. And if anyone can nag Janine into hurrying on with the third and final one, please do."

Look at all I do for Milja - I give her a choice between two irresistibly sexy guys! Lucky girl! (Here at After Dark Online I ponder her choice and ask myself which way I'd choose, if it were me.)

I let her meet interesting and very wealthy people who just long to help her out! (Here at Teresa Noelle Roberts' blog I am mildly spoilerish about the very quirky Roshana Veisi and her keen interest in art.)

I take her out to dinner at foreign restaurants! (A sexy excerpt over at the Brit Babes.)

I spend four years lovingly putting her through Hell Heaven! (Jan Graham finds out what my absolute favourite thing about writing erotic romance is.)

And I let her get as kinky as she likes ... even when it shocks me! (Horny Geek Girl hosts me still reeling with shock at how Milja turned out).

So Milja doesn't have anything to complain about really ... does she?

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Ian D Smith said...

I would happily discuss this further, but it would leave too many spoilers, wouldn't it?

Great story, looking forward to seeing how you wind it all up.

Janine Ashbless said...

Thank you for being a sport, Ian ;-)

I'm currently the writing the tie-it-all-together-and-get-them-out-alive ending to the trilogy, with my heart in my mouth.

*PLEASE LET IT WORK she prays to the gods of erotica*