Monday, 6 March 2017

Blue Monday special: video reading


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 For those of you who missed the Facebook Launch Party, here's the vid of mine own fair self reading a Naughty Bit from In Bonds of the Earth.

(Additional background whimpering noises courtesy of my dog)

And here is a FABULOUS 5-STAR Amazon review from the wonderful Kate Douglas:

I honestly don’t know what to say. This book is amazing—it’s like reading an erotic poem masquerading as prose. The author finds such a beautiful rhythm with her words—descriptions of settings and action whether a hotel room or church, a forest or an erotic scene between Azazel and Milja—give a sense of the scene that’s absolutely visceral in both perception and impact. Even the violence when it occurs is so well-written, like a nightmare set to some unheard rhythm.

I didn’t know what to expect when I read Cover Him With Darkness, the first in the trilogy, but I thought I might have a feel for this one. I was wrong—nothing is as expected, and yet everything fits perfectly. Milja Petak’s character is at once siren and child, seductress and innocent, and I found myself looking at Azazel as a rather large, overly sexed child. No filters, no rules, cruel and yet loving, but thoughtless, like a little boy, thinking mostly of himself—and Milja when it suits him. Or when she calls.

I’m still trying to figure out Egan who, in his own way, is more twisted than Azazel, trapped in his religious duty while lusting after Milja. I think he truly loves her, but he is so conflicted that I want to throttle him. I’m not religious, so I might not be the right person to have opinions on a story so steeped in religious history, but I love the detail and the background. I did some religious studies in college (almost fifty years ago!) and the classes were pretty dry and boring. If the professor had taught with Ms. Ashbless’s books at hand, I might have paid more attention!

This is truly a work of art—the author has taken the most difficult part of a trilogy—the middle— and made it absolutely fascinating. (It’s so easy to bog down in the middle—I see no bogging here!) I will admit to a frustrated whimper when I finished the last page. Ms. Ashbless, please! Write faster! I have no idea how she plans to end this amazing story, but it’s going to drive me nuts waiting to find out!"

Thank you Kate!
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Kate Douglas said...

And this is EXACTLY why my review says what it does--unbelievable. And so much fun to hear it in your voice! I feel as if I've just had a personal reading. All the best, m'dear, and get that third book out!!! I'm really anxious to see what you do with this story.