Friday, 10 March 2017

I have no shame: Blog-tour roundup #4

Arthur Hacker: And There Was A Great Cry In Egypt (1897)
The Angel of Death in that picture looks a bit guilt-stricken, frankly. Maybe it's because she forgot to get dressed before she set out to slaughter all the First-Born?

Me? I have no shame left. Ask me anything... so long as it doesn't involve spoilers, lol

Jacqueline Brocker asked me some pretty probing questions for sure, like how I managed the unsettling relationship between my heroine and her demon lover. But Jacqui, I like that it's unsettling!

Rose Caraway demanded proof that I wasn't just making shit up about Ethiopia, so I had to show her the photos...

Ashe Barker posted an excerpt from one of the most problematic sex-scenes in the book. All I'm sayin' is ... If that makes you uncomfortable, just wait for Book 3, lol!

Books and Banter let me off fairly lightly, asking what was the most annoying thing about Mr Ashbless. Oh dear. Don't tell him 😜

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