Friday, 3 March 2017

A nice quiet weekend

Piotr Stachiewicz (1856-1938)

It's done! In Bonds of the Earth has been officially released, and I can collapse in a heap at the foot of the stairs now ;-) In fact, on Monday I can go back to writing Vol.3: The Prison of the Angels - YAY!

But first I have a weekend of fun with writers, publishers, activists and performers at EROTICON 2017 - including meeting up with Lisa of Sinful Press at last. I am really looking forward to this - the erotica community is a wonderful thing.

In the meantime, some Blog Tour roundup for this week just gone, and I've had to dig into things that might be wiser not confessed for these:

K D Grace had me over at her blog asking the perspicacious question, "Why angels, Janine? What makes them so great to write about?" Ooh - don't get me started!

Ian Smith interviewed me on his blog and poked the feeble remnants of my brain with challenging questions like "What book do you wish you could have written?"

And here's another lovely interview over at Carla Atherstone's place. "Have you ever written anything that was too extreme to publish?" Here's hoping my Black Lace editor doesn't read the answer to that one...

I really enjoy a good online probing,  LOL. Thank you KD, Ian and Carla! 

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