Friday, 17 March 2017

Guilt, bad advice and tears: Blog-tour roundup #6

Hieronymus Bosch: Ascent of the Blessed (detail)
As the In Bonds of the Earth blog-tour ascends at last into the light, serenaded by choirs going AWWWAHHHHHHAWWW ... I wipe a tear from my eye and bring you the final details.

Over at Sizzling Romance I make a guilty stab at defending my terrible Pantsing ways. I wish I could be more helpful at teaching new authors the Secrets of Writing but, basically it boils down to "I make it all up as I go along." Sorry everyone! 😞

Library of Erana hosts a sweet little interview in which my best writing advice is "You are never going to please everyone." Well, it's true, but maybe that's not what folks want to hear... 😓

Little Shop of Readers gamely tried asking me if I saw writing as a career, to which I answered "OF COURSE!" Hah - no I didn't! 😜

Creative Misfit has a nice excerpt from my novel featuring the Archangel Michael. Well, I say "nice"... 😈

Finally, author Bronwyn Green asks me about, among other things, my bad habits. Which frankly ought to include the confession,"giving people awful writing advice"😇 Mea maxima culpa...

 And I should add that actually this thoughtful and beautiful book review from Jacqui Brocker genuinely did make me cry, especially this bit:
"In fact, everyone’s good side and flaws are shown – no one, not even Milja, is wholly sympathetic, and that’s as it should be for a tale that’s about the battle for good and evil, and (I think more importantly) who gets to decide what’s good and evil. While our sympathies by and large lie with Milja and Azazel, you understand the perspective of the other characters. Also, all the characters caught up in the story suffer for their part in it, and Janine never holds back from the pain of their injury. This is a story that acknowledges the stakes and isn’t afraid of them.
 Janine’s writing too carries the story beautifully – lyrical at turns, stark and brutal when it has to be, and so aware of the sexuality pulsing underneath all the time. Her style is wonderful and bloody enviable too. It’s also a great page turner, the tension barely letting up – Milja has precious few moments to breathe before being plunged into the next phase of the action.
The first two books of this series are smart, sexy, literate, gripping, and moving. I can’t wait for the third."


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Kate Douglas said...

Wow...that review totally nails it! Wish I could write reviews that well...hell, wish I could just write that well! Now, not only am I in awe of your writing, I'm bowing humbly to your reviewer, too...but I understand it. Writing like yours brings the best out of everyone, I think. Your stories really are truly amazing. And when is #3 going to be out? Will it require groveling? :-)

Janine Ashbless said...

No grovelling required of anyone this time round - book 3 is very nearly written so I'm hoping it can be published later this year - I think it's a 4 month gap between completion and print, if all goes well.

Kate Douglas said...

I am so glad...arthritis, old broad, ya know? Groveling is occasionally painful, so guess I'll just wait patiently. This is truly an amazing series.