Sunday, 12 March 2017

Ashbless at Eroticon 2017

It's a whole week since I came home from EROTICON 2017 and I still feel like I'm trying to assimilate everything I saw and heard and learned. SO MANY great talks and workshops! It was a packed weekend, and when we weren't in talks and workshops we were chatting to each other networking, ahem, so I spent much of the time in a dazed state of exhaustion. My natural introversion/shyness was pushed to the limit, along with my capacity for gin-and-tonics, but it was all worth it!

Here's 10 Things I Took From Eroticon ... in no particular order:

1) Calories. Way too many calories.

Oh boy, we were well looked after and catered for! The on-tap coffee and tea are the primary necessity for writers driven almost entirely by caffeine, but the food really was great :-)

2) Awareness
There were many great teaching sessions but the one that hit me hardest was Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire giving an absolutely eye-opening, jaw-dropping presentation on the naked and unabashed racism in the (American) porn industry, and the importance of the language we use and the roles we dole out when we are trying to turn people on.

(I feel bad saying this because it doesn't do justice to the importance of their message, but they were also the most beautiful couple I've ever met in my life).

3) A Hot Octopus T-Shirt!

There was a lot of free swag being handed out, but my fave has to be this tentacular T-shirt from Hot Octopus.

4) Whores of Yore

Dr Kate Lister runs a website called Whores of Yore, which collates an extraordinary collection of vintage / historical photos and depictions of sex-workers. As an academic working on the history of prostitution, her message was "Don't speak for sex-workers without listening to them."


Okay, maybe not, but I was given a free Doxy Massager as long as my forearm... and I may even dare put it to the test one day, lol!

6) A night with someone I'd met only at a previous Eroticon

WHAT?! She let me share her hotel room/bed so that I could attend on Friday night... I dunno what you guys think I meant...
HUGE thanks to Wendy for looking after me and being such a lovely person!

7) A distinct feeling I should really get my ass onto Twitter sometime

8) Face-time with my editors and fellow writers

Because we work from our own homes and interact through the Net, we can spend literally years being friends with people and working with/for them without ever meeting up. To get to spend time with them face-to-face is a precious and useful thing. Shout-out to Lisa Jenkins of Sinful Press (publisher of In Bonds of the Earth) and Malin James in particular here!

Oh, and apologies to F Leonora Solomon, who was so overcome by the news that In Bonds of the Earth was out that she fell on the floor.

9) Superb readings at the Slam.

Zak of Dirty Sexy Words fame organised the reading slam (13 people, 5 minutes each) and I've got to say I was amazed and impressed (and intimidated) by the quality of the work showcased, from poems to real-life encounters. I need to up my game...

10) An appreciation of Branding

I did worry he would set fire to his beard
Mister Gryphon gave a demonstration of hot branding that was really informative and demystifying. It didn't make me want to try it, but it got me to understand the appeal.

I want to add that the entertainment at the Saturday Night Social was a lot of fun, with Rubyyy Jones's burlesque act a standout.

Thank you Molly and Michael and Girl on the Net for all your vision and your amazing hard work put into the new, reborn EROTICON. Long may it go from strength to strength!



Jillian said...

Ooooh, *that's* why Leonora fell on the floor. I was wondering...

It was so good to see you, albeit far too briefly. Congratulations again on the book. Can't wait to delve in.


Bee said...

Never mind setting fire to his beard, I had no idea the flame of that blow torch was so close to my back!

It really was a fabulous weekend, I haven't been able to narrow down my list to 10 yet!