Wednesday, 8 March 2017

"Did you spill my pint?": Blog-tour roundup #3

Alexander Louis Leloir: Jacob Wrestling with the Angel (1865)
The In Bonds of the Earth blog tour rumbles aggressively onward, picking fights like an angel with a bad attitude 😉

This week I was over at K D Grace's place for the second half of my two-parter about angels: this time "What makes your angels different, Ashbless?" (Sneak preview: mine are gigantic jerks who need a round of sensitivity training and/or a good slap)

Then I picked a fight with my head-fuck hero Egan, in an interview over at Slave Nano's blog. I adore character interviews because it really helps me to drill down into the character and put my fingers on sore, squirmy bits they'd rather I didn't know about ... Egan certainly didn't enjoy it!

AND... *ding ding: round three*

Over at Emmanuelle de Maupassant's blog I make the bold claim that ANGELS AND DRAGONS ARE THE SAME THING - and what's more, I have proof! Fight, anyone?

Or maybe just a little lie-down and a nice cup of tea... after all, this writing life is bloody exhausting. At Lisabet Sarai's I talk about how much it has transformed me personally, and the incredible places it has taken me. For beginner writers: let this be a dire warning you heed!

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