Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Get Xcited for free

Free smut alert!

Xcite Books (winner of the Erotic Trade Organisation "Best Book Brand" 2010, 2011 and 2012) has repackaged two of my short stories into new anthologies called Xcite Delights

Xcite Delights Book 1 is FREE right now for download!

The story lineup is as follows:

  • Behind the Blue Door by Charlotte Stein
  • Skyggen by Giselle Renarde
  • No Running, No Petting by Janine Ashbless (follow link for excerpt)
  • Alive by Clarice Clique
  • The Untouchable Tabby by Lana Fox
  • Soul of Discretion by Mary Borsellino
  • Personal Trainer by K D Grace
  • The Naughty Rich Girl by Angela Goldsberry

So what are you waiting for? If I can download, anyone can!

NB: There is also an Xcite Delights Book 2, which contains my Valentine's story Shot to the Heart - but that's £1.99

See all Ashbless books and audio at Xcite

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