Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Harry's game

This picture just reminds me of Harry's story: Pages and Playthings
Haralambi Markov has been running a series on his Alternative Typewriter blog about "Women in Genre." In this instance that means the fantastical fiction genre, not erotica, by the way :-)
For Day 28 he chose to feature Shanna Germain and myself (as an "inexplicable dual-mind entity" lol). I'm so chuffed!

(Harry wrote us a story, Pages and Playthings, that I knew I wanted for the Geek Love anthology as soon as I read it - even though I wasn't sure I was smart enough to understand it! A dark and distopian tale of omnisexual superheroes and malevolent books, it's one of those haunting my-head-is-exploding reads.)

So colour me delighted. Thanks Harry!

 Women in Genre, Day 28

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