Friday, 17 May 2013

Believe It Or Not

Do you like weird? Do you like macabre? Do you basically have the mind of a twelve-year-old? Then you need to take out a second mortgage and spend a few hours in a Ripley's Believe It or Not. From hand-knitted Ferraris to shrunken heads, from two-headed calves to the Lord's Prayer engraved on a grain of rice ... it's a cross between an anthropology museum and a gallery of Outsider art, with extra extra cheese.

So here's some pics from my recent trip to the London Ripley's:

Horses made of spoons!

Tibetan ritual mask made out of a real skull!
Human artistry is breathtaking, and sometimes baffling:

This antique temple is carved out of solid jade.
Toast art. Seriously.
The Last Supper painted on a dragonfly. And why not...

Portrait composed entriely of lipstick kisses applied to paper. Freehand. Well, freemouth...

It was important I found you something naughty, so here it is - the penis bone of walrus.

It's right opposite the Feejee mermaid, who looks shocked:

To top it all they have a Mirror Maze, which I totally loved.

Look! I'm about to bump into MYSELF! Waaaaaaah!!

Okay, I may not actually be twelve inside. I might only be eight.


Jo said...

I went in San Francisco! It was the best fun!

Janine Ashbless said...

:-D We are both kids at heart!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Love Annie :)

Linda King said...

I walk past it often and have never been inside - I was under the impression it would be a load of rubbish and prohibitively expensive. A child at school told me it was "full of weird stuff, so I fitted in well," bless him! It's on my list now :-)