Friday, 3 May 2013

Cake and Consultation

I promised a picture of my (ginger-and-lemon-curd) cake, so there you go - my first ever attempt at baking a sponge:

I did rather a good job of disguising the not-so-brilliant cake with icing and whipped cream, I think!

I made it for Jo when she came over for her birthday weekend :-) One of the unexpected pleasures of writing erotica is the writer friends I have met. And she helped me with some notes for my novel!

Yes, I write like a seven-year-old

(One of my hero characters is Irish and I needed a few telling dialect patterns ... without him sounding like the Lucky Charms leprechaun).

We had a lovely lovely weekend of chat and theatre and DVDs and walking. We also went to the Whitby Goth Weekend and saw loads of wonderful people in goth, steampunk and Victorian costume. I want to be steampunk when I grow too old for fantasy cosplay!

If you look through the whalebone arch to the black line trailing up the far hill - that's a river of goths on their way to the graveyard and ruined abbey.


Jo said...

How sweetly attractive is that cake?? All baking is about disguising imperfection with icing and cream, didn't you know that? It looks perfect. And you're no longer a demi-godess but fully divine in your dog's eyes :)

I would add this to the weekend - indiscreet conversations over the washing up that mean your husband now knows me much better than he ever wanted to ;)

Right, now what else was I thinking? Irish people say 'in fairness' a lot, instead of 'to be fair' and we also use also 'at the and of the day' repetitively and somewhat pointlessly. Pretty much all of us do that (footballers far more so).

Chris said...

You could always treat this as an excuse to re-watch Father Ted.

And I think anything covered in icing and cream is probably perfect.

Janine Ashbless said...

I am a happy cake-eating Father Ted watching bunny, guys :-) Thank you Jo for a great weekend!

Liz said...

Did you see William Control perform? Oh, and I heard they banned the goths taking photos in the graveyard :-(

Erobintica said...

That cake looks delicious! (yes, I am checking blogs!)