Friday, 9 October 2009

Low-Carb Diet: Day 2

Today's Menu:

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with linseeds. Almonds.

Lunch: Remains of yesterday's Asparagus Quiche, salad with viniagrette. Protein shake.

Dinner: Tandoori tofu. Sauted greens. Half a tomato. Tinned rhubarb with double cream.

I've been expecting carb withdrawal symptoms like headaches, since the book is full of warnings about the first couple of days. But so far, nothing.

Linseeds (flax) are pleasant enough, it turns out: mild and quite oily. But yoghurt isn't enough to keep me going until midday - I had to eat lunch at 11am. The quiche recipe is fantastic, but the tandoori tofu was dull.  I only really like tofu if it's fried I think. Hey, it took me years to become that tolerant of the rubbery stuff!

What am I going to do with my remaining bananas? They are Forbidden Fruit. Throwing food out makes me cringe: I was brought up in a house where we were always leaned on to clear all our plates. "Oh, someone finish this off - I can't keep it!" we'd be told. Which explains a lot about my goddamn weight struggles as an adult, frankly...


neve black said...

Good for you, Janine. You can freeze bananas, can't you? Maybe a little banana bread treat at a later date?

Susan D-L said...

I would happily take your bananas, but they probably wouldn't survive the trip. Still, they'd be some well-traveled bananas!

Sending you happy juju for all things carb-less.

Janine Ashbless said...

I'll try and freeze them then - I have a great recipe for banana bread which Mr Ashbless loves.