Wednesday, 21 October 2009

DVD review: Last Tango in Paris, uncensored version


Quite possibly the most boring film ever made. Yes, even including the scene with the butter.

Long, considered review:

Wallows in all the worst aspects of French cinema. The girl is very attractive (despite having a bush approximately the size of Mirkwood) and you see a fair amount of her standing around naked. Yet still, somehow, quite possibly the most the boring film ever made. People must have been truly starved of porn in those days in order to get their knickers in a twist over this.

Maria Schneider the actress is, by the way, on record as still hating the director of this film for the way he exploited and manipulated her.


Craig Sorensen said...

Hear, hear.

I saw Last Tango once. One more time that was necessary.

Chris said...

Nice picture though, you have a superb eye for the erotic.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I saw it when I was around 19, primarily because at age 9 my parents had seen it and Made a Big Deal About It. I was disturbed by the disturbing elements, apart from which I mostly remember two things:

1. Noticing the shot that was the basis for the poster photo I'd seen all those years. (You know, they get into position and you think, "Oh, that's the pose that's on the poster.")

2. Thrilling at that moment when we watch her face as she hesitates in the bathroom while touring the flat, and then we realize (courtesy of a flush) that she was peeing. (Somehow, that bit has stuck with me for nearly 30 years, heheh.)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Oops--dangling modifier above. I was 9, obviously, not my parents. : )

Janine Ashbless said...

Oh thank goodness, Craig. You like poetry and everything; so if you didn't like it, it must have been bad, not just too sophisticated for a dumbass like me.

Chris, just go surf for stills and that'll save you from watching the movie at all!

D'you think it was a formative experience, Jeremy? ;-)

I was confused by that bathroom scene because you don't see any sign of her pulling her panties up or down (so I thought, "Oh, she's not wearing any." Then in the next scene you hear them being ripped off) OR WIPING HERSELF DRY, and because, IMHE as a woman, she was way way too fast.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Ha! Mysteriously materializing knickers. Once again, the continuity dept. gets caught with its pants down.

Erobintica said...

I never saw the film - neither has hubby - we were curious to watch it because we both remember the fuss and from our experience, we kind of expected to be yawning - but our local rental place no longer carries it. I've watched some scenes on YouTube out of curiosity, and yeah, yawn. We may still watch it if it ever shows up - but after this review.... not so sure.

Thanks Janine.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Ooh! I know:

She thought she had to pee ... but right when she would have been about to take her panties down, she decided maybe she didn't have to go, after all. She waited a bit just to make sure ... and then flushed, simply out of habit.

(No, I have not been thinking about this all day, thank you very much. I also loaded the dishwasher.)

Erobintica said...

Rofl - Jeremy!!!

Craig Sorensen said...

it must have been bad, not just too sophisticated for a dumbass like me.

You crack me up, Janine!

Funny thing was, I really wanted to like this movie. I'd carried a memory from when it first came out. They did a write up about it in Time magazine and showed Maria with those lovely breasts bared, which was quite racy for Time magazine! I figured it must be something special.

Many years later I was sorely disappointed.

Janine Ashbless said...

I shouldn't mock - I once had mysteriously materialising knickers in a story I wrote ...

I too wanted to like this film.
Conversely, I didn't particularly want to like True Blood and now I just LOVE it.
There is, of course, way more sex in TB, which may account for my preference. Actually way more everything: violence, humour and lunatic rednecks.

Craig Sorensen said...

I'm a surprise True Blood fan too. My Daughter insisted I check it out, and I was hooked.

Yep, it's got it all.

Jo said...

For some reason I'd heard of it as a kinky film before my parents got it out and I think I alarmed my father by going 'oo-oo' when I checked it out in the box. Didn't know what I was talking about then though. I think I watched it all the way through, but I don't remember much other than him being a prick and deeply unnattractive somehow. I thought the butter scene was hilarious, the 'stick them in my ass' command. Not sexy.

I would concuring with the boring verdict, and I did like a nice arty angsty film back in my teens.

And True Blood. Watched the 1st ep and Fell in Love. And Vinnie from Home and Away is in it! Anna Paquin is skinny and google eyed and marvellously creepy, I love all the moonshine and gators and accents and redneck stuff, it's so atmospheric.

Someone told me it's way better thanthe books and I can imagine.

Tragically I fell asleep during ep2and was sick and forgot about ep3. Box set. Am hoping to borrow from my friend whose cousin posts her them on loan from the UK.

Ee, long and boring comment, please don't review it!

Janine Ashbless said...


Comment review: five stars.