Thursday, 8 October 2009

Low-Carb Diet: Day 1

Today I started a diet and I thought I'd log it here because, well, I've gotta vent steam somewhere.  I'm on Rose Elliot's Vegetarian Low-Carb Diet, which is basically a veggie version of Atkins. The idea is to drop the carbs, lift the protein, and eat pretty much as much fat as you want. It could be called "the egg,cheese and tofu diet," frankly. It involves a lot of reading food labels and totting up carb counts.

So from now on no bread, pasta, potatoes, sugar and - sadly - no beans or lentils.  It's the most counter-intuitive thing you can imagine, which is intriguing in itself. Like, I can have butter but no toast, mayonnaise but no fries, and I've got to switch from skimmed milk in my coffee to double cream. All in aid of losing the blubber!

I've got no idea whether this is going to work, or whether I'll just suffer a huge suger-crash and end up slaughtering the neighbours with an axe and stealing their cookies. But I'm more likely to stick to the rules if I have to confess here.

Today's Menu:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs (3) with butter and cream. Veggie sausage. Half a tomato.

Lunch: Goats' cheese and pecan-nut salad.
Dinner: Crustless asparagus quiche. Sauted greens.
Snack: Half an avocado.

Are you getting the picture? The food's lovely, but very rich and fatty. I've eaten 4.5 eggs today and am thinking I may not go to the toilet for a week. There's a lot of washing up generated - a concept new to this microwave-meal fan. Jeez, how do you get baked egg off  a pan?

Still, obsessing over the Green Book of The Law keeps my mind off all the other stuff going on this week...

Starting weight: 143lbs


Charlotte Stein aka The Mighty Viper said...

That is the weirdest sounding diet I've ever heard of!

Also- you're tiny. I've seen you. You're minute. You're going to end up losing a foot!

Justine Elyot said...

Low carbing gives you bad breath and homicidal mania (at least, it did when I tried it).

But good luck! Hehe. It was the bread I missed the most - the staff of life!

Janine Ashbless said...

Okay, so I don't look like I should be in the audience for Rikki Lake, but medically speaking I am overweight for my (tiny) height. I probably only want to lose 10lb or so. If this works it's good, if it doesn't it's hardly the end of the world, say I.

Homocidal mania? Sounds interesting ... Can it be channelled into writing? lol

Erobintica said...

Low carb is the ONLY way I've ever been able to really lose weight - and keep it off (as long as I don't go on carb binges). I actually feel much better and my head is clear (thinking-wise) when I'm not eating wheat especially.

And I love bread, and pasta, and cookies, and cake, and muffins, and scones, and pizza, and and and

but it doesn't love me. You are lucky you only have 10 pounds you want to lose. I've got 25 to go. But I've dropped 50 pounds (over the years, not all at once) by going low carb.

So good luck. It can take a few days to a week to start seeing results.

Janine Ashbless said...

Wow - thanks for the encouragment. I still can't really believe it's going to work, but I live in hope!

I love scones. And biscuits. And fruit of all sorts. And fudge. And sushi...

But at least I get double cream on this diet!