Wednesday, 12 November 2014

"Uncommonly literary in tone and original in ideas ... a superbly creative story that is just impossible to put down."

The uncommonly literary Ashbless ;-)

I'm running late with this blog-tour roundup because Blogger is being an ARSE about uploading - but the title line above comes from the august pages of the Portland Book Review. I'm chuffed to bits! They said:

"Cover Him With Darkness is uncommonly literary in tone and original in ideas. Janine Ashbless brings to the tired paranormal genre an exhilarating world wherein the creatures of Judeo-Christian faith are brought to life and written into contemporary times. This new world, which Milja has lived her entire life without really seeing, is both seductive and horrifying. No longer innocent, Milja will survive her brutal awakening, but the author offers no reassurances for Milja’s future with Azazel, or for the future of humanity. Sexy, dark, and suspenseful, Cover Him With Darkness is a superbly creative story that is just impossible to put down."

PBR also hosted a guest post from me spilling the full story on how Cover Him came to be written.

I've been writing a whole bunch of interviews this week - and I really like it when interviewers ask impertinent and dangerous questions that make me worry I've said too much!

Here's my interview on Ian Smith's blog, for example...
There's a gentler interview on Home is where the Wine Is (love that title!)

Reading Between the Wines Book Club (am I spotting a theme here?) hosted a guest post on how I ended up on an emergency research tour in Montenegro.

And Beck and her Kinks is hosting a BOOK GIVEAWAY (with excerpt) - get your name in the hat!

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