Sunday, 30 November 2014

"An intense, engaging, grandly imagined, intelligent, entertainingly well-paced and very—very—sexy story; erotic romance writ large."

Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898): The Days of Creation
It's the last week of my month-long blog-tour for Cover Him with Darkness, and I'm dizzy with both delight and exhaustion. It's had a great reception with many wonderful reviews from magazines and bloggers. Thank you everyone who has shared a link or bought a book or uploaded a post or review!

Erotica for the Big Brain gets a special Ashbless thank you (and the headline quote) for enthusiastically reviewing not just Cover Him, but Fierce Enchantments at the same time!

"I hesitate to draw the obvious comparison here. Ashbless’ tale of ancient texts and ruthless churchmen at first seems of a piece with some Dan Brown thriller, though Ashbless is a much better writer—certainly far more intelligent and imaginative than the purveyor of The Da Vinci Code. A more apt comparison might be early Anne Rice; in scale and pacing this novel is pleasingly reminiscent of books like Queen of the Damned, without the tiresome existential inner monologues or cloying narrative excess."

Omni Lust reiterates a common complaint - I'm ruining readers' sleep patterns:

"Janine Ashbless does an amazing job combining innocence and darkness in this story. Cover Him With Darkness is the perfect combination of romance, erotica, suspense, and action. It had me up all night reading. The extra coffee needed in the mornings was well worth it."

Buffy's Ramblings thinks I'm just not cheerful and romantic enough. Guilty as charged, Buffy :-)
"The prose is beautiful. I thought the book was very well written. I love the mystery of who the prisoner is before it’s revealed and the lore surrounding it. The story is very compelling and unpredictable... While this is considered a romance, it’s not terribly romantic."

 F dot Leonora on the other hand, loves that!
"It exceeded everything I could have wanted. Reading the novel was like being consumed. I am not exaggerating, there were times I lifted my head from it and I was gasping for air. It is that intense."
She also, btw, asked me specifically about my Mr Hero Egan - check it out if you were wondering what the hell he was up to.

Sex in Words, in contrast, wanted to ask me questions about eroticizing angels and possible reader backlash. Eeek!

And Lily Harlem posted the "Ten Things I Learned Writing Cover Him with Darkness."

Finally, if you fancy a longish excerpt, there's one over at Bookingly Yours.

And now I must sleep!

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