Sunday, 16 November 2014

"It kept me reading deep into the night. Totally worth lost sleep."

This week's blog-tour roundup:

Interviews go way better with alcohol
Well, there's nothing that cheers the week up more than a surprise rave review from Romantic Times!
"Drawing on the Book of Enoch and biblical references, Ashbless creates an unlikely love story built into a tale of action, adventure and deceit. Be prepared for some rough, unorthodox sex in this page-turner. The ending to this wonderful book is a shocker, promising more to come. Be warned: Some readers may find this book sacrilegious." 4.5 STARS
And Kissin Blue Karen said:
"This book had the right amount of action, romance, erotica, mythology, and religion. It kept me reading deep into the night. Totally worth lost sleep. This story ended with the notion that more was coming. Yes! I am thrilled that this is part of a series. Bring it Janine! I can hardly wait to see what happens next."
 With Ian Smith  (who interviewed me last week) adding on Amazon:
"Wow, this book really caught my attention. Imaginative, engaging, engrossing and very well written. I loved the imaginative storyline and all its twists and turns, most of which totally came out of the blue for me."
Infamous author and fellow bubbly-drinker Kristina Lloyd ran an interview in which she asked if her copy of my book was haunted :-) (Of course it isn't. It's possessed.)

While The Pen & Muse nearly broke the admin at Cleis Press by hosting both an interview and a short guest piece on the Lure of Love Triangles ... which got surprisingly dark  ;-)

Long and Short Reviews asked me about my ideal writing space. I had one once ... it was very bad for me!

And finally, Networking Witches is running a giveaway - get in there, my beauties!

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