Sunday, 2 November 2014

"The next part of the trilogy can’t come out fast enough"

Perfect reading for the comfy sofa!
It's been a week of really nice reviews for Cover Him with Darkness. I'm starting to believe it's not a bad book! (Though of course all reviewers see things differently. I'm intrigued and amused that some describe Azazel as evil incarnate, and some see him as childlike).

The title quote comes from Quixotic Orchid's enthusiastic review (with bonus interview):
This is probably one of the longest blogs I’ve ever posted. But after reading Cover Him With Darkness, there’s so much I want to say and so much left unsaid because my mind is blown and I can’t find the words. The pages I just finished are that awesome. I LOVED this book! It had no clichéd good, oops-it-was-an-accident/misunderstanding fallen angel who fell in love with an earthly good girl and had to choose if he wanted to go back to heaven or find “heaven on earth.” Ashbless’s originality is such a relief.
Bitches 'n' Prose (who are also hosting a giveaway that's STILL OPEN, and piece by me on my own religious background) said:
" I positively loved Cover Him with Darkness ... There's a lot of lust in this book, yes, but there's also quite a bit of action and suspense that left me wanting to read more. I finished this book in a manner of hours simply because I didn't want to put it down. The pacing is excellent, and there's hardly a dull moment. *****"

A similar reading-time was recorded in this review from the Jeep Diva:
 "When I started reading Cover Him with Darkness I expected it would be something that would take me a few days to read only because I usually read in bits and pieces. Instead I finished in a few hours. Not because this was a short book but because once I started, I couldn’t stop. I was too intrigued with who/what/why, I just had to know NOW what was going to happen."

Engraving of Corti's Lucifer 

"It’s a provocative book and through most of it, in true gothic fashion, I’m not certain what will be the end result. In some ways, even though I was reading a romance, I felt refreshed by that.
It was sexy but not in the overt, hammer over the head way. The sex scenes all said something about her, about him, and about the plot. I found some of the prose to be quite beautiful."
That's the verdict of Jane from Dear Author, who really engaged with the controversial religious themes when reading, and followed through when she interviewed me.
Well, if I'm going to be provocative, why not go all the way? I didn't hold back during the impertinent interview at Sallyanne Rogers' blog!

And if you haven't bought the book yet (WHY NOT, EH?) here are also excerpts at Binding Addiction and  Cherry Mischievous ;-)

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