Friday, 21 November 2014

I Heart Eva Green

Is it just me or is it hot in here? I have a new star crush, folks: Eva Green.

I first noticed her when she starred in 300: Rise of an Empire, when she rampaged around the set kicking ass, chewing up scenery, and fucking seven bells out of whoever-that-nothing-actor-who-was-supposed-to-be-the-hero-seriously-I-can't-even-be-bothered-to-look-him-up-he-was-so-bland was.

She is also, you may have noticed, not afraid to get her extremely wonderful boobs out on screen. This is probably because she is French. Her mamelles certainly caused controversy on the poster for Sin City 2:

But it's not (just) her breasts I adore her for. It's how scary she is in-character. She's currently one of the leads in Victorian paranormal series Penny Dreadful, and she has the ability to go from prim

to pitiful

to horrific

at the speed of light. The episode where she was possessed was one of the most powerful and sustained feats of acting I've seen in years - just shocking.

She's a beautiful woman

who can look really ugly when she wants to.

Look at those eyes!

No - those eyes:

She could kill you in a heartbeat and walk away smirking.

And in real life she's a self-described nerdy introvert who collects skulls and insects.

I am in love :-)


Jeremy Edwards said...

She seems chameleon-like indeed. In the photo with the cap and the smiling one above it, she looks like she's auditioning for the Janine Ashbless biopic!

Janine Ashbless said...

Flattery will get you everywhere, Jeremy! ;-)