Wednesday, 22 October 2014

SH! Book Launch in progress!

So, last Saturday evening Kristina Lloyd and I got our books on for a reading at Sh! Women's Sex Shop in London.
Sparkling wine and devil Haribo. It's what the smart set are having for tea :-)
 It certainly started well!

Yummy cakes by Angelic Cupcakes (no coincidence)
I mean look at me, being all demure and holy and stuff:

But the bubbly (courtesy of Black Lace)  kept on coming...

Renee is a lethal hostess...
photo by Exhibit A
And as you can see, by the end of the evening my halo had slipped off entirely and I had definitely  Fallen:

But I do remember my delight at seeing the first copies of Cover Him with Darkness in its final print form :-)
And I did Convert a reader! (To trying fantasy, ahem...)

Huge thanks go to Renee and Holly and all the staff at Sh! for their kindness and enthusiasm (and patience as we hung around late talking!). They are wonderful people, and if you are in London you should go buy lube from them RIGHT NOW.


Anonymous said...

Super write up! Thank goodness one of us is organised enough to get photos (while the other knocks back loads of fizz then stupidly leaves her books in the pub afterwards).

Excellent night and lovely to share the spotlight with you!

Jo said...

Such great pictures - everything looks gorgeous, especially yourselves.

Janine Ashbless said...

Kristina, it was so great to double-bill with you! What a wicked team we make, eh? (even if we can't hold our wine!)

John Poole said...

Looking rather delightful ladies ;-)

molly said...

Oh you certainly converted me and I am currently engrossed in your book. I shall report back soon but for now all I will say is I am totally HOOKED!


Janine Ashbless said...

Molly, you are fab! thank you!