Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Out THIS WEEK: Fierce Enchantments and Summer Seduction

Writing is like waiting for a bus. You spend three years writing three books, submit them to three publishers in turn, and then due to the unfathomable variation in lead-in processes and scheduling between companies - ALL THREE GET PUBLISHED WITHIN A FEW WEEKS OF EACH OTHER.

At which point you either go mad trying to publicize them all, or throw your hands in the air and laugh hysterically.

Yes, hot on the heels of Cover Him in Darkness, I have two surprise e-book releases this week, which leaves me feeling like three buses have run me over arrived at once.

Fierce Enchantments: ten erotic tales of myth, magic and desire is available as a Kindle download right now! - and at £3.43 / $5.51 it's a bargain, no? (The paperback will be out in December for all us book-sniffers out there who love the beautiful Sweetmeats tomes so much, so you can pre-order too).

Against the darkest and most perilous backgrounds, the blaze of desire burns even brighter. Ten tales of magic and lust. 

Inside the covers of this, Janine Ashbless’ third collection of erotic short stories, you will find delight and terror and lust - and perhaps even unexpected tenderness.

The wayward daughter of Shakespeare’s sorcerer Prospero; a runaway slave who becomes king only for as long as he can stay awake; a servant girl whose three dead lovers return for one last tryst; vampire-hunters haunted to the point of madness by what they have been through; warriors in a desperate future war for the survival of humankind – and one very dangerous frog prince – all appear in this collection of erotic stories that will take you to the edge and then pull you over into the glittering darkness beyond. 
Weaving worlds of fantasy, Janine Ashbless draws from fairy stories, history, myth and the darkest depths of her imagination to bring you tales of passion and desire that will enchant, shock and dazzle you.

Amazon UK : Amazon US

And Summer Seduction, the first volume of my Lovers' Wheel quartet, is listed on Ellora's Cave for release this Friday!

 Shy and self-conscious librarian Liz Haven has lost her job and home, and is desperately grateful when a long-forgotten relative invites her to come live at her eerie old house in rural England. Liz hasn’t been there since childhood, and her memories of the place are strangely blurred. When she does return to Enniswitrin House she finds herself the focus for the attentions of a series of handsome but strange men, yet she also realizes that great-aunt Moira is far from the harmless old lady she seems. Moira has plans for Liz that she is not telling, and there is magic at work here. Real magic—dark and thrilling and primal as desire itself. Each of her would-be lovers needs something from Liz that goes deeper than just the hot and increasingly transgressive sex. Liz is being seduced into a role she could not imagine, at the center of a web of ancient legend and mystery that will change everything.

I am a bit dazed and confused right now. But you can look forward to excerpts here over the next couple of months as I find my feet again and dust off the road grit!

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