Friday, 17 October 2014

Halo there!

Well, I'm off to the fleshpots of London tomorrow for my joint book-launch reading with Kristina Lloyd! To which YOU are of course invited :-)

Please e-mail so they know numbers, if you are coming

Will I retain my virtue, or will my halo slip? Will the readings be inspirational or full of wickedness and sin? Who can possibly guess?

But if you can't make it, you can at least catch up on the Cover Him with Darkness blog tour:

"Monster Boyfriends and Demon Lovers" - over at Coffeetime Romance - is about struggling not to let my fallen angel become something even worse: a huge jerk.

"Wrangling Angels" - over at the lovely Kay Jaybee's - is about the source material I tried to use for the novel: "real" angel-lore from the Bible onwards. And about why I threw it at the wall.

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