Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Interview with an Angel

TWO Cover Him with Darkness notices:

There's an interview with my fallen angel Azazel over at K D Grace's blog. It appears as part of her "Things that go hump in the night" Octoberfest for Hallowe'een - there's a feast of spooky and supernatural posts all month, so do look round. 

Here's a  taster:

Hello everyone – I’m Janine Ashbless and today I’m delighted to announce that I have managed to blag an interview with Azazel, the hero of my new novel Cover Him with Darkness
 Azazel [smirks audibly]
 Janine: Er … I’m sorry? Did I say something wrong?
Azazel: Not at all. Please, do go on.
Janine: Okay … Azazel is, of course, a leader amongst the fallen angels. He was imprisoned under a mountain in the remotest part of southern Europe, and guarded there for millennia by a family who kept him secret until the last of that line, Milja, disobeyed the Divine command and risked her life and soul by letting him go free. You must be feeling pretty relieved then, Azazel?
 Azazel: That’s not the word I’d pick.
 Janine: Really? Okay – so how do you feel?
Azazel: Angry. Yes, that’s not inaccurate. Imagine you’d been tied up for five thousand years. That your wife and children had been slaughtered. That your brothers had all been incarcerated too, for the heinous crime of becoming sexually involved with humans. Then tell me that you wouldn’t be feeling a teensy tiny bit like burning Heaven to the foundations and pissing on the ashes.
More on KD's Blog!

Secondly, don't forget my book launch with Kristina Lloyd  at SH! in London! Free to come along and hear us reading, free bubbly, free cakes! The shop will be open for late browsing too, so we'd love to see y'all. This event is open to all but please e-mail 
so they know numbers coming. 

Full details here

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