Sunday, 26 October 2014

"Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, only much better written and with much more sexiness involved"

I am so doing the Happy Dance!
That incredible quote in the title comes from a review of Cover Him with Darkness over at  Clitical.
Thank you so much, guys! I can honestly say it's the review line I've been hoping for from the moment I typed "The End." It's almost exactly what I was aiming to write :-D
The review also adds:
"This is a roller coaster of a story, and one that will have you routing for the very different and strong characters that choose to fight either good or evil, and there are times when it’s hard to tell whose side anyone is on. Is the Fallen Angel really a demon? Is he a threat to mankind as the church would have everyone believe?
The story is also a visual treat thanks to Ms Ashbless’s carefully constructed words. At times the reader will find themselves in rural Yugoslavia, at others Boston, and there is even a visit to The Burning Man. I’ve always wanted to visit the Burning Man and thanks to this story I feel like I almost have. The imagery was so clear in my head as I read, and this was true for all of the scenes in the book."
Clitical are hosting a giveaway of the paperback too. But I'll  let you into a secret and tell you that that your odds of winning a copy are much better at Live and Let Love. Hurry - only a few days left!

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