Friday, 7 January 2011

Rowing result!

Another lovely review for my rowing story In Appreciation of Their Cox, this time from Romance Writers Reviews, who gave it 4 stars:

I learned things I never knew. Interesting information on rowing without making it dull or dragged out.

Glad for the brief glossary at the beginning. Good play on words that could have gone further but this book didn't over do it.

This is a very erotic short story with one girl and eight sexy muscular guys. Oh la la! Good for you girl. I hummed and hawed on the introduction thinking this could be just crude, you know with eight guys, but very surprisingly the guys have individual personalities that brought the men into a character and not just a body.

On the last day together the rowing team spend the night making all of Joanna's dreams come true and then some.

I don't remember my last night of college quite so energetic but then again I wasn't a coxswain.
Anyone got a cigarette?

Nice to see some people appreciate the glossary I was asked to write :-) Thanks RWR!

In Appreciation of Their Cox - download for $2.49 from Ellora's Cave.


Jo said...

Indeed! Meh. Silly previous reviewers.

Good stuff :)

The husband said he had a group of Trinity rowers in on thier Christmas party at the end of November (to his gig, that is). I meant to tell you. They were all wearing tuxes tucked into stripey socks :)

He said they were mental and funny.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Yay! What I especially love about the review is the fact that the reviewer presumably didn't know your work prior to this—so there's that reader-discovering-an-author-who-delivers-what-she-wants-in-a-story epiphany embedded in it.

And did you see yourself here : )

Jo said...

Cool! It's a great book, and I REALLY liked that story :)

Janine Ashbless said...

"possibly my favorite of all the stories" - Yabba-dabba-doo! 'Cos that is one HOT and wonderful collection!

Thank you Jeremy! That's just lovely :-D