Sunday, 30 January 2011

Natasha Attlee

National daytime TV magazine programme This Morning is in serious danger of earning my deep respect. No, not because they got Gino D'Acampo to cook a gammon steak stark naked. But because of their interview with this really bright and articulate woman, Natasha Attlee:

She's actually the great-niece of a British prime minister, but she appeared on the programme under the heading "addicted to sex" because she discovered at a very early age that what she liked was no-strings sex with lots of different men. Now in her twenties, she makes a very good living running fantastically posh swingers' parties.

I happened on the interview quite by chance, and gritted my teeth awaiting the usual reactions: the slut-shaming, the "Oh you can't really like it, you must be damaged in some way," the "Aren't you really looking for lurv?" There was none of that. (Nor did she complain at any point that she was addicted to sex, btw!) Instead the interviewers actually listened to her story, asked intelligent questions, and seemed impressed by her level-headed self-awareness.

So good on you, This Morning. Bringing sex-positivity to the masses, eh?

The interview is here: I'm afraid I couldn't find any embedding code and you do have to sit through an advert first. If it doesn't play for those of you outside the UK I am sorry - it's a really interesting clip with some food for thought (for example, her take on losing her virginity in a threesome was that it was actually less scary that way, because she had a friend there to support her).


Madeline Moore said...

But Janine - it's eye candy Monday. I thought we had to post eye candy on Monday or something terrible would happen. Do you know what freakin' time it is here? I better scroll down to the priest post and tell father scruffy face long hair that I've sinned, again. Sigh. Oh but do look at my eye candy which leapt out at my bleary eyes and said, "Pick me, Mad" and I did not need to be asked twice.

Janine Ashbless said...

I'm getting there Madeline, honest!

Emerald said...

It does say it won't play for me since I'm outside the UK, but I love that last line about a friend being there to support her in having sex the first time via a threesome! What a beautiful sentiment. Thanks for sharing, and from what you share here, I can appreciate your appreciation for the interview!

Madeline said,
"father scruffy face long hair"


Janine Ashbless said...

Drat it. I don't know why TV companies are so parochial - surely it'd all be good advertising if they let everyone see their video clips? What possible harm could it do?

Erobintica said...

I too was hoping to watch that clip. Ah well.