Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Expanse

"My eyes are up here"
I just want to say how much I am LOVING the Netflix series The Expanse, which has got to be the best space-based SF since the Battlestar Galactica relaunch and is kicking Star Trek's flabby ass.

And I do not just love it for Amos as depicted above, who is sort of a pit-bull in human form (complete with puppy-dog eyes). It has whole diverse cast of sexy - ahem - I mean engaging characters, and a compelling three-strand plot that twines together to reveal an epic alien threat to all human life.

There's the self-described Shit Magnets who start off as miners in the asteroid belt, thoroughly oppressed by the ever-bickering governments of Earth and Mars, and stumble onto a nasty NASTY secret:

The Designated Adult, the Pitbull, the Wannabe Hero Who is a Bit of a Tosser, and the Nerdy One
There's the Earth-based political shenanigans in the UN;

She scares me more than the Alien
And the mystery thriller plot when a crooked cop tries to track down a missing woman:

By Season Two you also get some Martian Marine characters involved in their own related crisis:

Have you noticed that this SF future isn't predominantly White? Awesome! And they have a lot of fun with languages and accents.

The setting is gritty-to-grim, with every difficult decision having even more difficult consequences, and no shying away from the moral baggage.

And yeah,  it's sexy, of course 💖 That never puts me off!

I can't wait for Series 3!

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