Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Ride that broom, baby

Preparation for the Witches' Sabbath - French School, 1800s
Happy Hallowe'en!

Witches everywhere will be dusting off their faithful brooms and preparing to ride the autumnal skies tonight. In 'Fine Art', of course, all witches are either young and incredibly sexy or aged and incredibly repulsive ...(which makes you wonder what happens to the ones in between - presumably they're too busy holding down jobs and families to spend time gallivanting about with satanic goats or whatever).

So here are some sexy ones, mostly engaged in the 19th Century equivalent of pole-dancing:

Departure for the Sabbath, by Albert Joseph Pénot, 1910

Riding Witches by Otto Goetze, 1924

Walpurgis Night, by Lovis Corinth ,1893
Muse of the Night by Luis Ricardo Falero, 1880

Photo from the series: Witches’ Sabbat in Paris, 1910
Photo from the series: Witches’ Sabbat in Paris, 1910

Sabbat de Sorcières, Adolf Munzier,1909
Jan Frans De Boever (1872 - 1949)
The Apotheosis of a Witch, by Clara Siewert (1862-1945)
Marguerite au Sabbat, by Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret, 1911.

La_SorcièreMartin van Maele, 1911
The Young Sorceress, by Antoine Wiertz, 1857
The Departure of the Witches, by Luis Ricardo Falero, 1878
Happy Hallowe'en!

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