Friday, 6 October 2017

E-Ely Woman

It's an Eel...
I've been on a trip to a new (to me) city in England: Ely. Its name means "eel island" because it used to sit in the centre of the vast swampy fenlands, and TBH they are obsessed with eels. There is even an Eel Heritage Walk :O

It's also the one of smallest cities in England - barely the size of a small town - and qualifies for the title only because it has a medieval cathedral:

It's huge!

We climbed up the central lantern tower:

To hang out with the angels:

And feel dizzy!

The other thing Ely is famed for is that Oliver Cromwell lived there:

He has a haunted bedroom...

And an eel, of course ;-)

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Jo said...

Is it haunted by the eel?