Wednesday, 4 October 2017

FREE book offer!

Sinful Press has announced a BRILLIANT book offer for those of you who'd like to try my fallen angel trilogy:
Because the first book, Cover Him With Darkness, was released by Cleis Press, we have no control over the pricing, and you may consider it a bit too much. Between now and November 30th, if you provide us with proof of purchase for Cover Him With Darkness, we will gift you the ebook version of In Bonds of the Earth absolutely free. Proof can be in the form of a screenshot, a receipt, or sharing your purchase to our Facebook page or by emailing to

Why? Because we want you to get so hooked on The Book of the Watchers trilogy that you just won't be able to resist buying volume 3: The Prison of the Angels when it is released on December 1st!

Fierce romance, shocking sex, fallen angels, twisty-turny betrayal, life-and-death adventure, blasphemous secrets and THE END OF THE WORLD - what are you waiting for? ;-)

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