Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Oh - Kay!

Heh. That's a well-placed rose!

Today I'm over at Kay Jaybee's blog, talking about Named and Shamed and how it links to my previous novel Wildwood.

Wildwood, btw, got the nuclear bomb-blast of all reviews some years back, when a deeply traumatised lady reviewer on some romance website described it with apoplectic outrage as "The worst book I've read this year, and one of the five worst books I've ever read in my life."

I think she may have been a little offended by all the sex. It's a good job she's never going to read Named and Shamed, because I think that would probably kill her stone dead.

Wildwood at Amazon US : Amazon UK


Jennifer Denys said...

Hi Janine

Oh, now I see how it links to Wildwood. I had been wondering. I had forgotten the magic bit at the end of the book - and I kind of thought it would still be contained within the forest. It didn't occur to me all the fey creatures would be out in general public! However, very clever idea - I am about two thirds of the way through N&S and love it. But please DO a sequel to Wildwood someday it was such a great love triangle!


Janine Ashbless said...

I want to! I want to!