Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bound by Lust guest post: Andrea Dale

We're out and we're proud!

Bound by Lust is out, that is - an anthology of BDSM romance. And we (the authors) are so proud of this fabulous collection that for the next few weeks we're blogging all over each other's sites like some great big poly orgy ;-)

Shanna Germain, our semi-divine editor, kicked off yesterday with a post about the intricacies of assembling a themed anthology - there's way more to it than putting the call out and picking the stories you like best.

Today contributing author Andrea Dale is my guest here. Her story is called A Few Things to Pick Up on Your Way Home (gah, I'm jealous of her already! What a great title!) and at this point I'm going to welcome her here and let her tell you all about it . . .

"I like to take chances, try new things, stretch myself when I’m writing. I did that twice with “A Few Things to Pick Up on Your Way Home”: I wrote from a male point-of-view, and I wrote an erotica story in which no sex, and almost no touching, takes place. In fact, except for the first few paragraphs, the couple aren’t even together. In many ways, it ends up being a phone-sex story.

And kind of an exhibitionism story.

And kind of a BDSM story.

But at its heart, at its core, it’s romantic, like so many of my stories are. Not necessarily a romance with a boy-meets-girl arc—it’s about a married couple—but romantic in the sense that the husband knows (and adores) his wife, knows what she likes, knows how to push her buttons and how far he can push those buttons; and the wife knows (and adores) her husband, and trusts him even when he’s pushing her boundaries…. And yet, in some ways, they’re still learning about each other.

To me, that’s heart-thumpingly romantic

Want a tease? Of course you do! To set the scene: Gabrielle’s in a sex shop, on the phone with her husband Jake….

“Jake, I can’t stand here and describe—”

“Sure you can,” he said, keeping his voice casual. “It’ll be fun. Tell me what you see. Tell me what you like.”

He heard the catch in her breath. She was figuring out this was a game.

She’d be embarrassed, but she’d get turned on. She could be deliciously uninhibited at home, but outside she still clung to that corporate persona, concerned about how she presented herself.

He was pretty sure he could convince her to play the game, even if she didn’t yet realize how much of it he’d been planning.

“They’ve got them in every color, of course,” she said. “I—I like the realistic ones better than the plain, smooth ones.”


She was silent for a moment. Finally, “I guess they feel better. Inside.”

“Go on,” he said. He resisted the urge to touch himself. Not so soon. He was hard, though, thinking about Gabrielle in the store, her cheeks flushing a shade of pink that complemented her outfit.

“I like the rabbit one, but we have one of those,” she said.

“So maybe we should think about clit vibes,” he said. “Maybe those little ones that go over your fingers.”

“Is that what you want me to get?”

She wanted to buy something and get out of there. But he still thrilled to the hint of submission in her question. “I think we’re still exploring our options,” he said. “What do you think? How would it feel if I wore them and ran my hand all over you? We could get two sets, for both hands. I’d caress every inch of you, get you all trembly before I even touched your clit.”

She made a little noise, like a mew. The sound went straight to his groin.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Very quietly, almost so quiet that he couldn’t hear her, she said, “I’m getting turned on.”

To read more, pick up your very own copy of Bound by Lust! And if you’d like to check out my other works, stop by at my writing website or my publishing website (where you can get many of my stories as e-books!)"

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Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Thanks for hosting me, Janine! I'm blushing re: the story title...it's my longest yet! (Beating out "The Power to Change the Shape of the Land" and "How the LIttle Mermaid Got Her Tail Back.")


Janine Ashbless said...

Oh my goodness - "The Power to Change the Shape of the Land" is just great too - so evocative!

*sulks* (My titles tend to be puns. It's the curse of being British)

Anyway, it's a delight to host you Dayle - enjoy the rest of the blog tour :-)

Miz Angell said...

Janine, thanks for hosting my lovely friend.

*waves* Hi honey! You said to visit so here I am! I can't wait to read this one. I think I'll order my copy and you can sign it when you come up next month!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Actually, a good number of my titles are song titles, or very brief snippets of lyrics (as in, not enough to need permission for)....

I like puns. Puns are awesome!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Hi Angell! ::waves back:: Thanks for visiting! See you next month!

Teresa Noelle Roberts said...

Hello my dear. I love this story. Trust me on this, everyone. It's hot. :-)

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Thanks, Teresa! I always know it must be a good story when it makes you hot - you're like my heat-o-meter!

Janine Ashbless said...

I'm trying to decide between the titles "Knight takes Queen" (that's the punning one) and "The Forgiveness of Ahaseurus" for the story I've jus tfinished. Any thoughts?

Nikki Magennis said...

Knight takes Queen. Yep.

Lovely excerpt, Dayle - and I very much like the title.

Sharazade said...

Knight Takes Queen. Yes!

Janine Ashbless said...

Thank you Nikki and Shar! "Knight takes Queen" it is then :-)