Monday, 11 June 2012

Eyecandy Monday

Bound by Lust, the new anthology of BDSM romance, is having an inter-author blog tour over the next few weeks, so here are the dates and blog locations:

June 11 :  Shanna Germain : Welcome from the editor
June 12:  Janine Ashbless (I will be hosting Andrea Dale)
June 13:  Rachel Kramer Bussel (guest post by Sharazade)
June 14:  Allison Wonderland  (guest post by Craig Sorensen)
June 15:  Lisabet Sarai (guest post by Shanna Germain)
June 18:  Andrea Dale (guest post by Clarice Clique)
June 19:  Erotica for All (guest post by Kristina Wright)
June 20:  Alison Tyler
June 21:  Nikki Magennis (guest post by Allison Wonderland)
June 22:  Kristina Wright (guest post by Kristina Lloyd)
June 25:  Clarice Clique  (guest post by Justine Elyot)
June 26:  Vida Bailey (guest post by Veronica Wilde)
June 27:  Valerie Alexander (guest post by Teresa Noelle Roberts)
June 28:  (guest post by Alana Noel Voth)
June 29:  Kristina Lloyd  (guest post by Nikki Magennis)
July 2:     Jeremy Edwards (guest post by Vida Bailey)
July 3:     Teresa Noelle Roberts (guest post by Janine Ashbless)
July 4:     Dorla Moorehouse
July 5:     Justine Elyot  (guest post by Donna George Storey)
July 6:     Shanna Germain

Do join us!

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t'Sade said...

Oh, that's a lovely picture. Yummy. :)

I'll have to wander by the blogs, you know because I'm a groupie or something... :P