Sunday, 15 May 2011

Morwenna Drake

I just wanted to let the world know that a RL friend of mine, Morwenna Drake, has just had her first erotic romance novel published. I'm so chuffed for her! Go go go girl! And isn't it just the prettiest cover ever?

Dark Night's Embrace is a vampire tale set in London:

Violet thinks that she has left her dangerous life behind. Once the unresisting victim of a powerful vampire named Julian, it took a force of will and a complete change of identity to escape him. Now, in her little London bookshop, she feels safe – but not for long. Julian has finally tracked her down and he wants something only she can find for him – the Phoenix Book.
On the verge of being trapped into servitude again, Violet is saved by one of her customers, Alex. As he rushes her to safety, she discovers she is not the only one leading a double life. The unassuming Alex is a vampire hunter and has been chasing both Julian and the Phoenix Book, in which lies the secret to destroying Julian and his type forever.
Caught between two old adversaries, Violet must keep her wits about her and not give into temptation with either with Alex or Julian, however much she might want to.

Buy from Red Sage (and she promises that her vampires are not sparkly, heh heh)

What's more, this is what she has to say on the home page of her website:
"I was introduced to erotica because of a friend writing it. You can check out the website of my inspiration, Janine Ashbless, here: 
I instantly became a fan and, being a writer, I didn’t just stop at reading it…"

I got all teared up. I've inspired someone to become a published erotica writer? That's an accolade beyond price. Thank you, Morwenna!

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