Monday, 2 May 2011

Eyecandy Monday

Damn, it's hard being a writer. There you are settling down for a hard day's pounding on the keyboards, and all these distractions come along...

And while I've got your attention, let me tell you about the Carnal Machines blog tour, which started yesterday over on editor D L King's blog :-)
Vintage-style naughtiness is promised!

May 1  D. L. King
May 4  Jay Lawrence 
May 5  Kannan Feng 
May 11 Elias St. James (on D L King's blog)
May 12 Lisabet Sarai 
May 13 Janine Ashbless 
May 14  Poe Von Page


Dylan English - Author said...

That's a great picture.

Emerald said...

Holy hot picture. Thank you!

And congratulations on Carnal Machines! :)

Janine Ashbless said...

Thanks guys!