Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sex, Love and Valentines - out now!

Yes, Amazon UK has finally got its act together and new anthology Sex, Love and Valentines is now in stock (and also available from the publisher Xcite - will post worldwide).

My short story Shot to the Heart is my first appearance for Xcite, so I'm very pleased. I wrote a horny, giddy story about a horny, giddy couple out shopping together for Valentine's gifts. (Hah! - that makes it my first "shopping 'n' fucking" story too, I now realise!) Here's how it opens:

‘Hold on,’ I said suddenly, my attention caught by a window display. ‘I’ve got to buy a Valentine’s card.’ Grabbing Oliver by the hand I pulled him into the high street card shop.

'Um. Wait a minute.’ Oliver had every right to look bemused. ‘Is this for me? Because if it is, you’re not supposed to buy it in front of me.’

‘Of course not, silly!’

‘And if it’s for someone else, then that goes double. Not to mention ... Who? And Why?

I grinned at him as I skipped backwards down the aisles of cards, enjoying being the one to tease him, for once. I was in a skipping sort of mood.  We’d been going out for two months now and I’d persuaded him to take a day off from his computer and come into town with me. We were going to have lunch and go to the museum - his idea – and then go on to the Cirque Du Soleil show – my idea - in the evening. And I was crazy-in-love with this stocky tousled-haired man with the sharp eyes and the five-o’clock shadow that started at ten in the morning.  Not to mention the beautiful big cock and that incorrigible sexual appetite. I wonder if his parents knew, when they named him Oliver, that he would grow up into a boy who was always Asking For More.

Now he grabbed me, behind a display of teddy bears all clutching plush scarlet hearts. We were dressed up against the chill outside but even through our winter clothes I could feel a warning hardness pressing into me. ‘Who is it?’ he growled, nuzzling my ear and making me giggle helplessly. ‘Are you being a naughty girl? Am I going to have to put you over my knee?’

I squealed in protest and pushed him away, blushing because I’d been inadvertently loud and I could see other customers glancing in our direction. ‘Shush!’ I told him, unfairly, even as the blush worked its way right down between my thighs. Was it a serious suggestion, I wondered? I knew he liked to give my bottom the odd smack in passing, just to show his appreciation of a tight pair of jeans or a short skirt riding up, but that was all. Was he the sort of man who was into spanking girls? I’d always thought of that as sort of freaky, but right now the idea of Oliver laying me over his lap and holding me down, able to do anything he liked to my bottom and to the crack between my cheeks and to my exposed pussy, was so naughty and scary and unexpected that it filled me with a giddy excitement.

He knew that. He could see it in my eyes right at that moment; he knew my sex had suddenly grown all hot and puffy and slick. He caught my wrists. ‘Who’s it for, then?’


And if you want to know who the card is for, and what sort of mischief they get up to further down the shopping list, well ... you'll have to buy the book!

Buy at Amazon UK : Buy at Xcite


P.S. Haven said...

Congrats, Janine! Killer excerpt!

Janine Ashbless said...


Jeremy Edwards said...

I ♥ women who skip backwards down aisles!

Janine Ashbless said...

"Skipping backward in a crowded public place is an action performed by our specially trained characters. Do not try this for yourself."

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hahaha! Yeah, I saw that right under the "practice safe sex" advisory.