Monday, 11 January 2010

Eyecandy Monday

It looks like the snow may finally - finally - be thawing. It's been nonstop since mid-December. I have never seen weather like this, leastways not here in the Land of Mud. Obviously they are made of sterner stuff in New York!

Though beset by blizzards, the lovely Danielle de Santiago has voted me a "One Lovely Blog" award. Now that's going to keep me warm for days. Thank you Danielle!

I think I'll pass the compliment on to ...
Faces of Us
Sex is Not the Enemy.

Keep warm!

(And one way to do that is get a copy of Jeremy Edwards' new novel, which is offically released today. The party for Rock My Socks Off is going on here.)


Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks for the plug, Janine!

Hmm ... I've been photographed in about that much (or little) attire (if we equate the boots with socks, and the guitar with boxer briefs) ... and I've stood in the middle of Times Square ... but never both at the same time!

Janine Ashbless said...

Somebody rocked nearly everything BUT his socks off!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Haha, yeah—someone must have misread the instructions.

But it doesn't look like he minds.