Friday, 29 January 2010

DVD review: The Drifter

Finally ... I got my hands on the gay porn DVD I'd been yearning for!

And it turned out to be a bit of a surprise.

Why did I choose The Drifter? Well, first and foremost for Logan McCree, who's the guy with the tattoos. He's German and he's hot and I even like the beard (and he sports a mohawk in one flashback scene, woohoo!). I go all gooey for the tattoos. Secondly, well - call me a total girly, but I like some characterisation in my porn, and this is a film with a semi-autobiographical plot, having been written by McCree:

Philip (McCree) flies in to Vancouver to meet his boyfriend, only to find the rat screwing another bloke.  So Philip takes off into the forested wilds, and after a few days suffering from the rain and cold he begs shelter at a cabin owned by Michael (Vinnie D'Angelo: big and cute and cuddly), who is straight ... or at least, in serious denial. He's, like, the nicest guy in the universe: if I was lost in the woods I'd want to meet him too. Anyway, they hang out together for a few days and there are a bunch of flashbacks as they tentatively let each other know about their sexual histories. When Michael finds out that Philip is a "fag" he throws a bit of a wobbly, but it's clear they've made a connection by then, and the whole film ends with the BEST and most beautiful love-making scene I've ever watched in any movie, porn or mainstream. And I do mean love-making: without any dialogue they manage to convey the flow of emotions and the thrill of exploration, and the shift from fear to trust.

Well. It turned out to be a romance, didn't it? A romance with tons of hardcore cock 'n' ass action, but definitely a romance. And not only onscreen: as Vinnie explains (slightly incoherently) on his blog, this was where the two main stars fell in love and became boyfriends. It's just so goshdarn sweet I don't know what to say.

Other good things: it's well shot and looks beautiful - the scenery as well as the sex. All the blokes (the two protagonists don't get it together until the end, so there are a lot of sex scenes involving other people ... blimey, it sounds like one of my novels...) are pretty good-looking, so long as you like them big and buff and stubbly. There's none of that horrible gurning at the camera you get in straight porn. In fact, altogether, it's a quality product. You even get (as an extra) the full-length m/f/m scene from Michael's flashback, if you feel ready for some female body.

Bad bits: well, like all porn I found the sex scenes (particularly that first one) just too long. Sorry, but if the sight of an orifice being plugged hasn't rocked my socks inside 4 minutes, it isn't going to do it after 20. But hey, that's porn in general.

So, if you fancy a full-on gay pornflick with heart and art, I totally recommend The Drifter.


Danielle said... so will have jo all over this soon as she smells logan...:-)))

Janine Ashbless said...

I know, I know!
I promised her I'd review it if I got hold of a copy.

Jo said...

Sigh. At least he didn't say anything about Logan's alleged shortness this time...

God, this sounds even better than I expected. The orifice thing is unfortunate, but whatchagonna do.

His real name's Philip!

Janine Ashbless said...

And he describes his tattoos as armour - "angels wear armour".


So, you going to buy it, Jo?

Jo said...

Sigh. It's 60 euro or thereabouts, isn't it? Bit of a luxury at the moment, alas. I have watched all the free bits I could find though :)

Charlotte Stein aka The Mighty Viper said...

You have made me want this. You are made of magical stuff.

Janine Ashbless said...