Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Game on!

I've been a bit quiet on the writing front for the last six months for various reasons. First there was the house-move (which took WAY more time and effort than I'd anticipated). Alongside that came a bunch of bad family stuff which had to be dealt with. But it's mostly done and dusted now. So am I ready to get back to writing smut?


As of this week, my writing has taken a somewhat unexpected detour, as I have not one but TWO new projects to tackle, and neither of them are erotica! I will be writing a horror scenario for The Cthulhu Hack over the next month or so. And when I've done that I'm hopefully going to be involved in writing for a rebooted classic games system that's going to Kickstarter - more details when it's officially revealed and confirmed.

So I am going to be WAY busy! It'll be a big change from writing erotica and hopefully a chance to stretch my horror muscles.

Of course there are still things of smutty goodness gestating as we speak. I've got two stories coming to publication via Rose Caraway, one of which, Yan Tan Tethera Methera, is large and scary enough to blow just about anybody's mind - I'm very excited about that!

But forgive me, please, if I seem a little more distracted than usual. I'm going out into the dark and I may be some time...

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