Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Trolled and sold

Kay Nielsen: The Troll was quite willing... (1914)
More hoorays!

I've now signed a contract with Rose Caraway for my story Yan, Tan, Tethera, Methera  - which is all about trolls and their human pets. It's pretty long (10,000 words) for a short story, and believe me I needed every inch of my allowance - and then a bit more - in order to squeeze all that filthy, filthy sex in 😈😈😈

In fact squeezing things into an inadequately-sized vessel is a bit of a theme in that story... πŸ˜›

Want to read a tiny snippet?

“You are looking to tighten the bloodline, or to breed out?” the old troll males ask him.
Their lips writhe back from their long saurian jaws as they grin hungrily at you, baring teeth like flint knives. This makes you nervous, even though you know they’d never hurt you in Papa Xanto’s presence. They thrust their snouts into your crotch and snuffle loudly, their breath hot and wet. They lift you up and open your legs and probe your cunt with their bifurcated tongues, assessing your readiness from the gush of your juices. You can’t help but respond to being handled like that, even though you’re frightened of their teeth and ashamed by your own reaction to strangers. Shouldn’t you only have eyes for your papa?

The title, btw, comes from very ancient shepherding words for counting sheep, in which 10 is "dick" and 15 is "bumfit". It could hardly be more appropriate.

More details of the collection I'm to be part of, and publication dates, when they are available!

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