Monday, 11 June 2018

Blue Monday

Every Monday I post a sexy excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's piece is from After the Party, which appeared in Nexus Confessions #4. These "confessions" were anonymous contemporary stories, usually much shorter than those that appeared for sister-imprint Black Lace, and were supposed to be plainly-written and plausible reader's-wives-style sexual encounters. For this particular one I actually drew on an anecdote a friend had told me... so yes, it did happen!

I didn’t last long that night. I’d pulled a horrible series of shifts that week and I was more exhausted than drunk when I decided to call it a night. Most guests were going home but others were staying for the long haul and crashing wherever there was room. Because I gave in quite early I got the pick of the mattresses, so I ended up kicking off my shoes and crawling under the duvet in the spare bedroom. It was a double bed but I didn’t take up much of it.

I woke up when someone got into the bed beside me. It didn’t occur to me to be worried, just irritated at having been disturbed.

‘It’s all right; she’s asleep!’ That was in a loud whisper, followed by a giggle.

So there were two of them. Lying on my back, I kept my eyes shut and waited for them to settle down so I could drift back off. No chance of that happening, though. It quickly became obvious that they hadn’t come to bed to sleep. I could smell beer and perfume and a male body. I could hear wet kisses and breathy little mutters of appreciation.

Bloody hell. They were going to fuck right next to me. I had to hold back a snort. I mean it was funny, I guess, but it was a bit awkward for me. What was I supposed to do – just pretend politely to be asleep?



‘Let’s do it.’

There was shuffling, the mattress heaved, I heard a soft slap and the clink of a belt being undone. The duvet was pulled right off me. If they thought they were being subtle they must be really drunk. Murmurs of ‘Oh yes,’ and ‘That’s good, baby,’ made me clench my teeth. I was exasperated but curious, itching to see what was going on.

In the end I just opened my eyes. I didn’t say anything or make a fuss. I figured they weren’t the shy type. In fact they didn’t even see me looking, because they were too busy. He was lying on his back alongside me. And Lena – I hadn’t recognised her voice, but it was her there in the dim light – was crouched low over him, eyes rapturously closed, sucking his cock.

He had a big meaty cock. Even in that light I could see it glisten with her saliva as she slid those pouty lips up and down his shaft. He rumbled with pleasure deep in his chest. She parted her lips to reveal the fat helmet and swirled her tongue lovingly around it like she was lapping ice-cream. Then she dived, taking his length right down her throat as her nose brushed his thick pubic hair.

I was holding my breath just as she must be. I could feel the stir of hot interest in my own body. My arm could have stretched out and touched his where he lay next to me. This was horny as hell, watching her give him head so close by, unaware that I was watching. I wondered what he tasted like between those glossy lips. I wondered how hot his cock was. I wondered what it felt like to have Lena’s mouth sucking and kissing and slurping as it did.

But she got bored of being the one doing all the work. Pulling her mouth away, she pumped him in her hand a couple of times. His prick lolled about, thick but not particularly stiff it seemed to me. Then she rose up and straddled him, lifting her skirt up her round thighs to slide his cock into her pussy. I could actually hear the wet noise it made as she positioned it. She must have been ready for him.

Sitting up, it was obvious that he’d been playing with her boobs. Her blouse was unbuttoned, her big tits already pulled free of their bra cups to bounce as she rode him, her nipples poking out fat and juicy. She shook back her hair and grabbed his hand to place it on her muff as she rose and fell on him. His hand stirred lazily, then fell away. She twisted her hips, trying to work him in deeper.

Then I heard it.

He snored.

Lena stopped gyrating and glared down at her man. I could see the frustration on her face. She slapped his ribs, loudly, and pinched him.

He snored again, on a deeper note.

‘Bastard!’ she whispered, agonised.

Then she noticed me watching. Her dark eyes were completely black in the dim light. She leaned forward on her fists, bending over me. I could smell the spice of her pussy juices. I didn’t know what to say so I just lay there.

She put her hand lightly on my thigh, and stroked my sex-lips through my clothes.

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