Friday, 8 June 2018

Tackling Taqla

Eugène Girardet (1853-1907): Bedouins in the Desert

Lea Bronsen's contemporary Arabian Desert adventure, A Thorned Rose in the Sand, was featured in a Blue Monday here a few weeks back - and now I'm over at her blog because we share a love for writing about that setting.

I'm interviewing Taqla, the main heroine of my magical romance novel Heart of Flame - so grab your flying carpet and zoom over to Lea's place to hear what my prickly sorceress has to say for herself 💓

"The most beautiful woman in all Arabia has been abducted by a djinni - and only forbidden magic can bring about her rescue.

Taqla the sorceress lives in comfortable secrecy, until she agrees to help the handsome traveller Rafiq find the kidnapped daughter of the Amir. They set off together on a journey fraught with magic and peril, though a landscape of ancient desert ruins, terrible monsters and deception. With so many secrets to keep, Taqla cannot afford to trust Rafiq – and yet she must, with her life."

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