Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Not waving but drowning

Ancient Terror by Leon Bakst (1908)

I've been writing a short story this week!

Don't get too excited for me - I'm really struggling to find the right balance between story and erotic action without stretching it to, like, 10K. But AT LEAST I'M WRITING - and at the moment anything counts, damnit.

The God Below is set in the aftermath of the fall of Atlantis. Given how well-known that theme is these days, and how much Edwardian/Victorian artists liked their classical scenes full of dramatic action, there are surprisingly few paintings on the subject to be found - and those not by mainstream antiquarian artists.

Nicholas Roerich: The Last of Atlantis (1928)

Never mind. Who needs pictorial inspiration for the violent end of civilisation, when it's all around us anyway?

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