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Blue Monday: Harley Easton guests

Every Monday I post a naughty excerpt for your entertainment!

Today's guest is Harley Easton with an excerpt from her story Love Thy Neighbor, in the new anthology Getting It: a femdom anthology

Getting It – A Femdom Anthology is comprised of thirteen sexy stories ranging from the sweet, new Domme finding her footing to the young man discovering that pain doesn’t have to be self-inflicted.

Whether French cuisine tickles your tongue, pain twists into pleasure, or rape fantasies occupy your dreams, this delicious collection is for you. Mild dominance and hardcore BDSM entwine in Getting It, pushing characters and readers to embrace their innermost sensational desires in healthy, consensual ways.

Authors: Jordan Monroe, T.C. Mill, Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk, Ralph Greco, Jr., Kiki DeLovely, Harley Easton, VK Foxe, Megan Jennifer, Arden de Winter, Jean Roberta, Betina Cipher, and Sienna Saint-Cyr.

Maggie pulled the purse strap off her shoulders then reached down to unzip the bag. Deftly, she dropped the keys in and retrieved a foil packet which she held between her fingers to display. “Take me up to the choir loft. I expect you to make me sing.” The statement was punctuated by the thud of her purse landing on the seat of the front pew.

The thought of taking her up to the rafters and to hearing her cries of ecstasy echo through the building completely undid him. Micha stood rooted to the spot, blinking at her like an idiot. Maggie nodded as if used to this type of reaction.

“Then again, maybe you don’t really want to fuck me? Like I said, I don’t make assumptions.” She turned as if to put the condom packet back in your purse.

“No!” he yelled, as he regained his senses. The sound reverberated through the otherwise silent church, which seemed to be waiting to see what he would do. Maggie casually spun to face him, eying him teasingly as she flicked the packet back and forth. “I want to fuck you,” he panted. “Dear God, I want to please you in every way possible, but I’m not going to make it up to that loft.” He nodded toward his pants where his swollen penis was ready to burst from the confines of his zipper. Even the thought of walking up the winding back stairs to the loft was torture.

“Hmmm, well then. Perhaps on second thought,” she purred, took his hand, opened it, and placed the condom packet inside. As his fingers closed around the foil, she wrapped her tiny hand around his wrist. He didn't fight as she pulled him toward the pulpit.

Halfway there he moved in to kiss her deeply as they fumbled up the few steps to the raised lectern. The sunlight shifted again, it’s beams spotlighting them as Maggie reached for Micha’s pants. He was already thick and pulsing with need. She cooed as he sprang forth, then grasped him, stroking his penis firmly and making him groan. “Mmm, you’re much longer than those pants gave you credit for.”

Ripping open the condom, he sheathed himself. “I don’t know how long I’ll last,” he admitted.

“You’ll last until I’m satisfied,” she growled as the tips of her fingers tickled his balls. She spun around, pressing the material of her skirt against him as she gripped the reading stand for purchase. He fought not to grind against her ass as the skirt rose, exposing more of her leg. “I'm a hard and fast girl, so that better be how I get it.”

Maggie wiggled her hips, almost taunting him as he raced to raise the fabric of her skirt. Micha grinned when he found her deliciously devoid of undergarments. Her tan skin glowed in the tinted sunlight and the air felt charged as he reached between her legs. She was dripping. He could baptize himself in her juices.

She glanced at him over her shoulder. Her wicked smile had returned. “Take me now, Micha, or I’ll masturbate instead and make you watch.”

Micha responded by driving into her from behind and leaning forward to bite her almost bare shoulder. Slipping his hand over the dress, he kneaded her breasts as he began thrusting. He loved the way she pushed back to take him deeper.

“Fuck, yes,” she moaned, and the filthy words echoed like a sweet hymn through the open space of the empty church. Her knuckles were white as she clung to the book rest; her head dipped back in ecstasy. The entire building seemed to quiet itself to watch her exquisite beauty.

As he’d warned her, it didn't last long, but as she’d warned him, she took her satisfaction. The crush of her walls as she clenched around him had Micha grunting like an animal. As he got close, Maggie egged him on with filthy suggestions about how she was in charge and planned to milk his cock for every last drop. Her own running commentary was making her so hot, it was impossible for Micha not to be aroused as well. He couldn’t help it, he exploded inside her.

Maggie whipped a hand off the podium and reached around, grasping at his hips. “I’m not done with you yet. Don’t you dare move,” she demanded, keeping his softening cock inside her as she pulled up the front of her skirt and fingered her clit until she screamed out her own orgasm. Micha groaned as she clenched around him again. He was finally allowed to pull out when she slumped over the pulpit, breathing hard. The sounds of the church settling suddenly became audible again, the wood of the pulpit creaking in what almost sounded like approval. That was when Maggie started laughing.

“What?” Micha asked as he pulled off the condom and stuffed himself back in his pants.

“I’m pretty sure this isn’t what the Bible meant by ‘love thy neighbor.’”

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Harley Easton is a Renaissance woman dabbling in everything life offers. She's worked at a major theme park, found expert witnesses for legal cases, been a guest lecturer at a well known national museum, and worked with medical students. Putting experience and insanity to good use, she's become an author specializing in erotic, romantic, and speculative fiction. See what Harley is up to at
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