Thursday, 14 January 2016

RIP Rickman

Well, 2016 seems determined to take out every geek icon, doesn't it? First the Goblin King, now Snape.

Alan Rickman was a great actor and a nerdy sex-symbol. He played villains (usually smart, sneering villains - my favourite kind - pitted against meathead heroes). He played repressed self-defeating British middle-class men burdened by varying degrees of bitterness. He, like Bowie, was a fixture in our cultural life, and they both died too young, even at 69.

"I'll take this as a healthy reminder that subtlety... isn't everything" - upon receiving a BAFTA for 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'

He wasn't really handsome (well, maybe for a few moments in a good light).

All his sex-appeal was in his voice, his eyes, and his charisma. But he was pretty much guaranteed to steal the show in every movie.

Heh - I have to admit to a very school-inappropriate flutter when I first watched this epic thespian flounce-off:

Goddamnit. This year has seen too many momento moris already.

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