Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Deeper than expected

At long last I've finished the second installment of my Lover's Wheel quartet. Or at least edited it to the point that I can no longer write any more because my brain goes Pfffft.

Falling Deep clocks in at 52,500 words, which is over 10K longer than Summer Seduction (somewhat to my surprise - I was expecting it to be short) and covers September thru November in the story of Liz's initiation into sex magick. Thank god I didn't try to write the story as a single volume!

The autumn months include Harvest-Home and Samhain, and in this tale start a shift from enthusiastic but cheerful vanilla sex into darker D/s territory. Brace yourselves for human sacrifices and visiting undead, as well as Arthurian revelations and betrayal.

And if you think that's scary, just wait for When Winter Comes ... ;-)


Artemis55 said...

Looking forward to reading it! Loved the first one.

K D Grace said...

Sounds fascinating, Janine! Writing (and reading) about sex magic is near and dear to my heart. Congratulations on finishing.

KD x

Anonymous said...

Sounds good I shared the blog.

Jo said...

Ah, I haven't started reading yet. Send me a linkie and it will be my weekend pressie to myself?

Janine Ashbless said...

Thank you everyone!